Limitations There are size and resolution limitations for the Mirror, Deflection and both Extrusion Wraps: The maximum size in both directions covered by the actions is a bit less than 6 meters = 20 feet. The stretcher bar thickness can be 2 inches maximum, there is a  3mm = 1/8 inch tolerance per side added automatically. At the stretcher frame size settings, an action stop, the resulting resolution has to be above 20 PPI. You can always upsample in that first choice of the action to get above 20 PPI so it is not really a limitation. However it is not recommended to upsample when the 20 PPI or more is already available. The action will take more time than necessary if you select a high PPI number there right away. Canvas print quality usually requires less than 300 PPI input to the driver and optimal quality will already be available at 150-200 PPI input, the quality of the wrap isn't getting better with higher numbers and overall time in processing and printing increases. So keeping the resolution at 200 PPI or lower may be wiser but given enough computing power and scratch disc capacity it could be used with higher PPI numbers. Large frames and high PPI numbers will take a lot of time to process depending on the system the software runs on. Some comments Please, always check the edges on the monitor at 100% to see whether it is done correctly. By making the actions universal for sizes up to almost 6 meter and for high and low resolutions there can be artefacts that are only visible in the print or with higher magnifications on the monitor. As a result of copying the image edges there is the more pronounced double image edge with all the flaws you wouldn't see on the normal image. Light fall-off on the edges, the scan that should have been cropped a bit more, it all becomes more pronounced when the edge is doubled with mirroring etc. Some samples on the pages will show that the top edge of the image and the copied wrap at that side is too light at the frames edge etc. It isn't retouched here to show what can happen. With the Plain Wrap there's a chance that you will select a frame side color that is beyond the gamut of the image itself, in the conversion to the printer profile this darker or more saturated color influences the image color depending on the rendering chosen. To avoid that issue you could select a color in the image itself with the Eyedropper tool or do the conversion to the printer profile (P2P) on the image before the actions and then print with color management off. Copyright to all actions, action methods, texts, on this site and to certain photographs used to illustrate them are held by the developer Ernst Dinkla. The site itself and some photographs are copyright 2006 by Ernst Dinkla, Dinkla Grafische Techniek, The Netherlands. All right reserved. The actions have been tested on all Photoshop versions up to CS 5.5 and their respective platform versions. No issues were reported. The actions were not tested on other applications that may load Photoshop actions. Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe.                                                                                                                                  
December 23th, 2019 Canvas Wrap Actions