Six image wrap actions for the action tool of Photoshop® Shareware actions that will save you hours of manual editing to create image wraps. Easy, flexible and fast actions, installation of no plug-in needed, just load the actions in Photoshop. The Gallery wrap action is the only one that asks for some size computing done by the user. Instructions are in the action stops. The Gallery Wrap is using actual image data for the stretcher frame sides, the image is enlarged and will extend up to the back of the stretcher frame. If that is not possible or not preferred you can use one of the following wrap choices that are mostly based on copying part of the original image edges to extend the image character over the edges. The Plain Wrap has normally white stretcher frame sides but you can add any color, pattern or even content aware fills for the sides during the action run. For the last fill type you need at least Photoshop CS 5.   The Mirror Wrap, the Deflection Wrap, the Fast Extrusion Wrap and the Precise Extrusion Wrap work all in a similar way. Just add the stretcher frame sizes, the action stops explain which numbers. The wrap area is selected at some point in the action run so you can blur the sides if desired. You can also stop the action there and use the area selection for another filter etc and continue the action after that. Some trials with actions and the action menu will make it easier to add your own choice of filtering. Limitations on the last four wrap choices. More features On all wraps a grey line is added at the boundary of the image wrap, the printed page and halfway, two times half an inch white in between, so it is easier to measure at the back of the stretcher frame whether the image is in the center and whether the tension is equal along the sides. That boundary isn't the ideal extra canvas you would like to have for applying tension and fixing the canvas with staples to the frame. It is more a minimum of canvas added to get the largest prints possible from the fixed widths of canvas rolls and printers. If possible use more canvas for easier stretching. On the other hand if you like to have less canvas material at the back and you are able to stretch with just 3/4 of an inch canvas at the back you could deselect the last two canvas steps in an action. I would suggest to duplicate the action set then to keep an unchanged one next to it. Some experience with action editing may be required. The guide lines are here represented in the cropped larger image with the Fast Extrusion Wrap, in practice the Fast Extrusion Wrap is more economic in processing time than the Precise Extrusion Wrap but the canvas edges have to be folded in a more complicated way to hide the white corners. An extra image size resampling choice is added at the end of each wrap action to add a percentage to the size in the direction the canvas is transported on the printer. This compensates the shrinking of the canvas after printing and varnishing. The actual percentage to use depends on the canvas quality and varnishing done. Some RIPs have the percentage already incorporated in the substrate choices so in that case one should not add the percentage here. The following picture shows a finished precise extrusion wrap canvas. Download is open to everyone, no actions are missing. Original price was 30 Dollar, donate what you think the actions are worth for you. This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Copyright to all actions, action methods, texts, on this site and to certain photographs used to illustrate them are held by the developer Ernst Dinkla. The site itself and some photographs are copyright 2006 by Ernst Dinkla, Dinkla Grafische Techniek, The Netherlands. All right reserved. The actions have been tested on all Photoshop versions up to CS 5.5 and their respective platform versions. No issues were reported. The actions were not tested on other applications that may load Photoshop actions. Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe.                                                                                                                                   
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