Links to inkjet paper suppliers ARCA Printersupplies Dutch paper distributor Rich variety of paper brands Awagami’s page with international distributors of their oriëntal papers: Awagami Factory Japan Moab also distributes some of Awagami’s papers. Bergger, inkjet papers, uncoated papers for alternative processes, analogue photo papers, etc: Europe + international USA online shop France BonJet, inkjet papers, inkjet canvas, etc: International Breathing Color, inkjet papers, inkjet canvas, etc: USA + international Canon, inkjet media: USA Europe Canson & Montgolfier, Canson Infinity inkjet media, Arches etc: International Epson, inkjet media, online stores located per country: USA Europe Felix Schoeller, microporous and swellable inkjet papers, high speed (web) inkjet papers: Germany + International FujiFilm, FujiHunt, inkjet media: Europe Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH, inkjet papers, inkjet canvas, including the qualities Harman Professional Inkjet by Hahnemühle: International Harman Technology Ltd, fiber-, baryta-, RC-, film-, based inkjet media and with its Ilford Photo division for analogue B&W papers etc.: International, sort of HP, Hewlett Packard, inkjet media: International ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, division of Oji Paper Co Ltd, fiber-, baryta-, RC-, film-, based inkjet media : International Innova Art Ltd, inkjet papers, inkjet canvas, albums, Olmec papers: International Kodak, inkjet papers, canvas, films, banners, vinyls: International Mediajet, inkjet papers, canvas and (Eco)solvent, Latex compatible media: R. Rauch GMBH, Germany, Austria Moab, a brand of Legion Paper, inkjet paper and canvas, catalog includes some Somerset and Awagami qualities: International Museo, Magiclée, brands of Intelicoat, inkjet paper and canvas: Intelicoat Magiclée etc USA Olmec, see Innova Art Ltd Papergraphics, fine art media, proofing media, canvas, etc: United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain Permajet, inkjet papers, protective varnishes, canvas, etc: UK + International Photolux, inkjet papers, protective varnishes, canvas, etc: Germany online shop Pictorico, a division of Mitsubishi Paper Mills Ltd, Pictorico inkjet media are distributed by: Pictorico Europe Online Shop Pictorico USA Online Shop Mitsubishi USA Online Shop Premier Imaging Products, inkjet media and protective varnishes: USA + international Red River Paper, Dallas, Texas: USA online shop, more or less internationally operating. Sihl AG, division of Diatec, all kinds of inkjet media: International, including German and Swiss online shops Benelux online shop not functioning (yet?) Somerset, St Cuthberts Mill, for distribution see Moab, Epson, Etc: Mill web site Tecco GmbH, Photo, Fine Art, Proofing Papers, etc etc: International Tetenal, inkjet papers, protective varnishes, canvas, etc: Germany, distributors German online shop International
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