Thieme 100x140 cm + Müller dryer + UV curing. Silkscreen printing equipment for sale, main item a  3/4 auto system for print sizes up to 100x140 cm. A Thieme 2003 S type enhanced with electronic squeegee speed control for either direction and with backside screen lift enabled on print stroke, screen returns to horizontal before fill stroke. All adjustable. Müller conventional dryer of 3 sections, belt width 105cm, dryer length 6 meter,  total length approx 7,5 meter. Upgraded by an integrated UV curing lamp in the second section. Used equipment in usable condition. Art prints and translucent signs were made on this machine. No dents etc in the suction table, ink smudges for 90% removed since photos were made. Equipment is still in use but space is needed for other technologies. Wide set of compatible squeegees, polyurethane strips should be replaced. Screens, squeegee sharpener, compressor, Simco anti-static tools, etc for sale as well.  Acticop 5000 exposure unit needs a new lamp. To collect in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. for price offers, visits, etc. Images tell more:                                                                                                                                  
October 28th, 2018 FOR SALE 150cm 752cm 172cm 200cm
Muller Dryer