Ernostar 125mm, f1.8, the Mamiya 645 adapter attached, the extra retainer ring next to it.

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Ernemann Anastigmat Ernostar 125mm 1.8 fast lens for the 6.5x9 cm frame size, serial number 225051.
Originally used on an Ermanox 858/3 produced somewhere between 1920-1927. 18 aperture blades still intact and working, both focusing and diaphragm work smoothly. Focuses from 1.4 meter to infinity. Focus distances in 10 cm steps for the shortest distances, all clearly engraved on the brass distance scale.

Traces of (removed) fungi on the lens surfaces but no scratches and lens kit in the lens elements still alright. Small air bubbles in the glass like in all high quality glass from that period. No coating as can be expected. Careful repolishing by a skilled operator should deliver a totally clear lens. The images taken with this lens as shown on the pages have been made in 2007 in the condition it is. The aluminium barrel has been stripped of the original black paint, brass and further aluminium parts show wear of long use. This lens has been used up to the early 1990s by the original owner who had it adapted for use on his Mamiya 645 probably in the 1970s. As written the lens is still usable.

With an additional mount for the Mamiya 645 made of industrial grade plastic and with a brass breech lock. This adapter can be removed and the mount part could be transformed to a retaining ring if it has to be mounted on a view camera or an Ermanox. There's an extra non-original retainer ring that seems to fit also, turns about 2x. An extra brass filter adapter ring is included, it brings the 72/73 mm filter size to 75/76 mm