CZJ Sonnar 60mm, f1.5, LTM, the same "genuine" one surrounded with the sample I know

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Enough has been written on the subject  of the Sonnars with a Leica thread mount.
There's no written evidence that  the lenses were produced by Zeiss in Jena, the serial numbers suggest pre WWII production if they have to fit Carl Zeiss serial numbering yet aluminium wasn't used prewar by Zeiss Jena. The change to aluminium may have occured in WWII but seems unlikely given the shortage then of that metal so suited to build planes. Aluminium pans and kettles were remelted all over Europe to build German planes.

The last discussion on the subject must be this one on the Rangefinder forum:
The sample discussed there was for sale on Ebay but didn't resemble the two shown here.

Marc Small James changed his opinion on their origin after the research done by Hartmut Thiele on Zeiss productions:  Thiele, Hartmut Fabrikationsbuch Photooptik II [zwei]. Carl Zeiss Jena.
 Which was published in 2006.

Opinions still differ though and while the LTM versions 58mm f1.5 fell from grace much earlier, many are still disputing the origins of the 5cm f.1.5, the 6cm f1.5 Sonnars while the 6 known samples of the CZJ 75mm f1.5 Biotars with a similar history keep their holy status.

The lenses discussed here are sometimes shown on this site:
A 6cm 1.5 Sonnar LTM is shown at page 27 of the Non Leica SM Lenses section. That one doesn't resemble the two here either.
On the Connoisseur's Corner pages there are samples of the 58mm and 50 mm LTM Sonnars.

Yet another history for the origins of the CZJ Sonnar 6cm f1.5 lens elements: