Epson 3200 etc. film holders for special sizes like Polaroid 655

By using 1 mm thick magnetic vinyl as used in the sign industry it is easy to cut holders for film
that can't be mounted in the holders delivered by Epson and other scanner manufacturers. 

The 1 mm thickness keeps the film at approximately best focus of the scanner. Newton rings that
could appear with the film in contact with the glass isn't a problem with this concept and the mask 
itself reduces flare from the light above. The vinyl clamps the film on all sides.  Two sided tape is
used for the hinge at the right side. The calibration slit is cut at the top. A polycarbonate template 
with the maximum Epson 3200 window size is shown in the second image.

Another use for it is with high gloss reflectant  originals like the SX70 photos.  Usually they give
Newton rings as well on the glass. Lifting them 1 mm above the glass surface they are perfectly in  
focus.  The last image shows the SX70's enclosed in the mask